Monday, July 26, 2010

Two More in Their New Homes

Elliott left, on schedule, Saturday... which is more than I can say about Lola who was supposed to travel then as well. Let's start with her.

First off, Lola weighs right at 10 pounds and, outside of getting wet mouthed every time she was in the car, seemed to handle the trips to the groomer and vet... and TWICE to the airport... without problem. Saturday morning, at 4:30 (yes, AM,) the price in Delta's computer was more than $65 higher than what I was given over the phone. It was more than $65 higher than what it cost to ship Charlie two days before that and he weighed a little more and was in a bigger crate. Since I prefer to not spend other people's money without their permission and since it was 2:30 in the morning in Colorado, Lola and I returned home. Michelle wanted her shipped on Sunday, BUT Denver cargo is closed on Sundays. (Heaven help you if you are in Denver and need a heart transplant which becomes available on a Sunday...!) So, Ms Lola didn't leave until this morning. And today the price was correct in the computer.

I can hardly WAIT for Thursday when I'm sending TWO pups in one much larger crate and the quoted price is the same as for Charlie and Lola. We'll just see...!

Now, Jack Elliott... 15 pounds.
Needless to say, he's the largest in the litter. And, according to Caren, the smartest. He learned to walk on the lead within a few minutes and has figured out air conditioning vents in the floor.

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