Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yesterday, even with temps back to 95 (but low humidity so it felt like 95,) I decided to move the gang from my room into the dog room (which used to be know as the living room, back in the day when normal people lived here.) That meant I had to move a couple of the large rescues out (and into MY room) and more than double the size of their area because the whole point was to give the pups more room. And to get the puppy smell out of my room. (Look, ONE or two pups just don't make that big a mess or that many messes in a single day. But EIGHT?! Think about it!) Anyway, after about giving myself another heart attack... and having to cancel my usual Sunday night out with my son... I confined the little darlings to their new pen. This one is 6' by 10' and for right now, is sufficient for them to romp and play and poop with me having to change the papers only 3-4 times a day (rather than every 3-4 minutes!)

They did fairly well. Actually, they did somewhat better than the two adults I moved into the bedroom... it always amazes me how much initial resistance there is to that kind of change with adult dogs. Anyway, the biggest mess came when the pups discovered I'd replaced their ceramic water bowl with a larger plastic one. Big mistake on my part... puppies and plastic seem to be naturally drawn to each other. This is the first litter I've had who has gotten this old without discovering "Swimming in the Water Bowl." Well, they hadn't discover it before yesterday afternoon! So, this morning, they're back to the ceramic bowl. They were quiet most of the night... with the exception of an occasional howl (yes, HOWL) from a pup who woke up and found itself in a strange place. This morning, they were up and playing normally at 7 AM... I know 'cause I heard them but I did NOT go look!

And now, several hours later, they are out of the pen so I can clean it, and are having a great time proving THEY are smarter than I am since most of them have found the hallway back to the bedroom!

Another interesting thing... Emy and the relatives "live" in the tv/computer room which is right off the dog/living room. Grandmom and dad (Di and Brogue) and older sister, Cotton, made a beeline for the kids. EMY jumped up on the back of my chair, faced the wall and has not even LOOKED at them. She did such a great job raising this bunch but now that she's through, she's through! Which puts "paid" to my idea of having her help me with them if I take them all outside at the same time!

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