Monday, June 13, 2011

Whiny Pups

Noisy, crabby pups today. They're even getting on their mom's nerves. She just told Bud in no uncertain terms to get out of her face. That's the first time I've seen or heard her get on them about anything. Now she's as far away from them as she can get, lying on her belly so they can't nurse and will leave her alone for a while. They've played in her food and have pieces scattered all over the pen... which she will clean up when she gets hungry. I gave them a sock monkey to play with... it has a long body, a tail and 4 legs so there are places each of them can grab while playing tug of war. Every one of them has separately picked it up and shaken it. Some show on sheep herding I was watching last week said that was a sign that the dog being trained would kill the sheep... guess it's a good thing I don't have any! Seriously, I've never had a dog of ANY kind that wouldn't pick some things up and shake them so I don't think the trainer was correct about the killing bit... although it IS the way dogs kill vermin and small animals.

Jennifer's Pups
The last one is leaving this afternoon. I've gotten quite attached to this guy and am sorry to see him go. Well, sort of. He's a fairly big boy... not quite as big as Boon, my Wheaten pup who is about 3 weeks older... but big enough. And he HAD a TREMENDOUS coat. I had all his hair clipped off last week and he looks like a totally different fella!

Cooper Doodle

This is Cooper who lives in the Atlanta area. He is 7 years old.
Cooper has just had surgery for an ACL problem (Cruciate
ligament)... the first one of my dogs (that I know of) to have it although the article I read says it is a fairly common problem and can happen with any dog, any size, age or breed. Doesn't sound like a pleasant thing to go through especially as it involves lots of quiet time... months... after the surgery.

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