Friday, June 17, 2011

No Ill Effects

The pups seem to be just as happy today in their pen in the tv/computer room as they were yesterday BEFORE they discovered the great outdoors. Thank goodness! Usually, once puppies are exposed to outside, that's where they want to be. Maybe because these are only 6 weeks old (and there are only FOUR of them,) they have more than enough room to romp and play indoors, so they don't mind. They DO all attempt to get out every time I open the pen so their mom can leave, but they don't whine and try climbing the wire when they can't. Have I mentioned how much I'm liking this group?!

Toby in MA

Vicki reports that after 4 weeks in his new home, Toby has settled in nicely. He LOVES other dogs and is adjusting to meeting new people on his daily walks around the neighborhood. This is an Emy/Shadow pup. And judging by his coloring, I'm going to have to stop calling them "black and tans" and start calling them "blacks and SILVERS."
Black and tan is the name of the PATTERN (like in Dobies, Rotties, Bernese, etc.) and doesn't mean that's the only color combinations they come in, but that is probably confusing for people not versed in doggy color speak.

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