Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outside - Briefly

Was forced out of bed VERY early this AM by the guys who were here to work on the yard. They wanted to get it... and a number of others... done before the temp went up and the thunderstorms got here. As a result, all the dogs had to go out into the puppy yard, which is all gravel hence no men working, and because their barking drives me crazy, they made quick work of it. Which meant... it was cool and nice and I thought I'd take the pups out for some pictures. They've never been outside before and, with all the noise of lawn mowers and weed eaters, I expected them to be really spooked. HA! The first ones out were the two partis... and as it turned out, they were the only ones who got out today. I got a couple quick shots of those two and the camera died. And, of course, I don't have any more batteries. So here's what there is for today...

Gravel smells different than tile

Bart on the left and Betty on the right. You can see he is bigger than she is.

Keeping an eye on the noisy intruders...

I love Bart's rear. It looks like he has one leg in his pants.

When I go up to town, I'll get some batteries and if the weather isn't too awful, will take Shadow and Bud out for some photos.

Jennifer's last pup
is still here. Jane, who has his unhappy brother, Jackson, was going to bring Jackson back yesterday and take Bud. But she's decided she is too attached to J and is going to give him more time to adjust. I can't believe he's being so stubborn and advised her to FORCE him to make up with her. It's been 6 weeks and so far, he's had it all his way. It's time he HAS to deal with his new situation. We'll see how THAT goes.

Which means, there is still a pup available.


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