Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving, Moving, Moved

I just moved the pups from the computer room to the dog room (right next door.) For the last couple days, ALL the males in the house have been telling me someone is in heat. I think it is Emy (BUT don't get excited. It's WAAY too soon and if she IS cycling, she's probably not going to "take" if I breed her. BUT I am going to breed her, if it is her and not little Peri, just in case I'm wrong. Again.) However, the problem is the dogs are fussing with each other, even in the middle of the night, and the only really separate pen I have is the one the pups were in in the computer room. So now I'll have to listen to the boys barking at the puppies... until they get used to them (about 24 hours...) but they won't be fighting with each other.

The puppies are a little confused with the move, but not upset. It's good for them! Keogh was NOT pleased and I'm going to let her stay with them all day if she wants... yesterday she was away from them from about 10AM till midnight.

We did not get outside this weekend... partially because of weather but mostly because I was feeling poorly and didn't want to expend the energy. Perhaps this afternoon since I'm feeling better... IF it doesn't pour as usual lately.

Pups will be 8 weeks tomorrow!
Hard to believe. They get weighed again AND their first shots. Also have to clip those nails! So if we do get out today, I'll take the camera.


(Jennifer's pup)
Getting a lot of response to his pictures on the website, but no one has decided to give him a chance as yet. He's no trouble and quite likeable, so I'm in no rush to place him.


This "o" business is still no fun!

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