Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tommy Tomato

Pretty good size, I think, for just 4 weeks. And yes, Tommy is confined inside a wire dog crate. The last few years I've lost my tomato plants to critters... I DO live in the country, after all... so the crate is my solution. It is 42 inches tall, by the way, and Tom is hanging out of the top. I'm hoping the coons and possum won't climb....

Pix of Cotton and Boon

Taken this afternoon between showers. Hasn't he grown up quickly!

Pix of the last Jennifer pup

Isn't this a pretty head piece? This guy is 8 months and just got his first haircut.

"Bud" walks on a lead and rides nicely in the car... he even jumps in himself. However, he is NOT fond of being around folks he doesn't know. As he is exposed more and more to strangers, he is relaxing around them, but he is still leery. He has NEVER shown ANY signs of aggression, NO fear biting even at the groomer's. He is sweet and affectionate and LOVES full body massages! (But NOT on the first date!) He gets along well with other dogs. Bud really needs a home.

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