Saturday, June 25, 2011

Problem with Old Computer

This time it's the "o" key which isn't working. Yeah, yeah, I know, I've already used several of them. Well, a long time ago, I learned to cut and paste. However, remembering to do every time is problematic! So, insert where needed!

Mountain Summit Peridot
(aka Peri)

This is my Diamond/Brogue girl on her 8 months birthday. She is VERY small, smaller even than her mom who is around 18 pounds. Since I have so many people asking for pups who'll be under 25 pounds, I'm hoping breeding Peri with Sparky will give me some... although, when bred to Peri's FULL older sister, Emy (Emerald) most of his pups have been over that. But, Emy is about twice Peri's weight.

Peri with her mom, Diamond (Di)

Keogh almost over the pups

Ke is spending more and more time WILLINGLY away from the pups who are, after all, almost 8 weeks. AND have teeth. She's following me around (just like the old days) and just listening for the pups to sound off about something important. Come lights out, however, she wants back in the pen with them.

Do you know how many "o"s you use in just one sentence?!

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