Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Days of Rain

HEAVY rain. 2 inches in less than 48 hours. And more to come.
And I'm fine with it (so far.)
The only problem is the thunder which is disturbing the dogs and, quite frankly, has been a little scary for me at times. It is the LOUDEST, WEIRDEST thunder I've ever hear... like a bomb going off. No warning (ie: no lightning preceding it, no lead in thunder, just a huge [HUGE] BOOM!) And then there is the more common, easy to take rolling thunder which starts in the distance, approaches like a freight train and then rolls on by until you can't hear it any more, all one continuous sound. The dogs aren't having any problem with that. Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, the storms were over and the dogs got to go outside and STAY out there for a while. And even though the mornings have been really stormy, no one has "gone" in the house... well, except Keogh's pups but that's to be expected and she is still cleaning up after them. Don't know how long THAT is going to last!

Haven't had to water Tommy Tomato... my sole tomato plant... seems to have grown at least a foot since Saturday. There are a number of little yellow blooms, which I think is pretty good for a plant that is only about a month old. Going to have some really nice tomatoes very soon!

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