Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Double Doodle puppy weights

It's Wednesday and the pups are 4 weeks old AND I weighed them first thing this morning.
Bart -- 2.4 pounds
Betty - 2.3
Bob - - 2.0
Bud - - 2.1
I expect there is going to be a dramatic increase in the next 4 weeks as the pups will be starting on "real" food later today. Right now, their mom's food is elevated but I am putting a bowl of puppy food (Royal Canin) on the floor as soon as I get back from Petsmart with it. They've been a little crabby the last 24-36 hours which probably means they're hungry. Of course, with temps in the mid 90s, it could mean they're hot! But I'm going with hungry. Usually, my pups are sticking their noses in mom's food and at least licking and sucking on the kibble between 3 and 4 weeks, so I know these babies are READY.

Bob's new name
Bob's friend Josh has decided to call him SHADOW. I'm sure that is a sign of things to come. Shadow's grandpa is my standard Poodle by the same name and he is MY shadow.

Sad puppy
Jennifer's pup that has been so unhappy in his new home is coming back here in the next week or two. The general consensus is that he is homesick and very VERY sad. I'm thinking he'll be here a couple days and be back to his old self. And we'll go from there.

Solid food update

When I'm right, I'm REALLY right! I put a bowl full of small kibble puppy food in the pen with 4 sleeping pups. Of course, as soon as I went to step over them to leave, they all woke up. It was EXACTLY 12:30 (a new program was just coming on on tv.) Fifteen minutes later, 3 of the 4 were STILL non stop eating... and I mean taking bites and chewing them up. The fourth, Betty, walked over to the bowl when I first put it down, sniffed, took a mouthful and went to the other side of the pen to eat in private. Then, she sprawled on her tummy and went back to sleep. Shadow stopped eating just long enough to get a drink of water before trying to climb inside the bowl. There just wasn't room enough with Bart and Bud's heads in there, so he went back to feet on the floor. At 10 minutes to 1, I took the bowl out since there was no sign the boys were going to quit any time soon. Now, a few minutes later, they are in 4 separate spots in the pen, sound asleep and Mom (Keogh mom!) has licked all the kibble off the floor and is stretched out in front of the fan, a huge grin of relief on her face. She's one smart dog and that's a terrific idea. Think I'm going to follow her lead!

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