Friday, June 24, 2011

New Freedom

And probably a mistake! The pups are loose in the computer room with full access to the dog room. So far, they have not been brave enough to venture very far into that room where a number of adult dogs are parked, barking every time they see a pup. Together and individually, they've come to me to be picked up and rubbed. Just like when they were outside, Bud has wandered the farthest while Shadow has stuck closest to me. HE has discovered my shoes and like most pups, is tickled to death to have shoe laces to pull on and chew. They are making short work of every electric cord (take this as a warning... put the cords up!) scrap of paper and dust ball in the computer room! They are chewing up the bag of dogfood... not the dogfood, just the bag (which I am now going to have to put in a plastic container to keep it from happening every time the babies are out.) Their mom just came in from outdoors and they all rushed up to her... she looked none too pleased to see them outside their pen and promptly took herself INSIDE the pen. They followed, did a little suckling, then headed back out to see what else they could get into. She's lying there, watching them. I let out Diamond, Emy and Peri who instead of going right out the door, went to inspect the puppies. Diamond and Emy each sniffed a couple and walked away. Peri threw herself on the floor, rolled on her back, jumped up and nuzzled the kids, dropped back to the floor... and made it perfectly plain that she wanted to PLAY! In a week or two, I'll let her go outside with them... she is MUCH more a puppy still than Boon and Lucky*** who are the same age, but I don't want to let her rough house with them until they're a little bigger. She's already counting the days!

These four have been SO terrific... they love it when I'm in the room with them and really pay attention whenever I speak to them... BUT they have been perfectly content to stay in their own area. Now... they'll probably have to be out whenever they see me. Oh the joys of growing up!

Jennifer's last pup
I've been calling him Bud but I'm pretty sure he dosen't consider that his name. And since there is a Bud in the Double Doodle litter (who also is telling me that's not his name,) I decided to call him something else. Yesterday, he responded immediately when I called him Lucky, so we're going with that for now.

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