Saturday, June 4, 2011

Of This and That

What I am seeing in individual puppies...
the "quiet" ones are Bart and Bud
the "instigator" is Betty
and the one who is most interested in activities outside the pen is Shadow.
Betty and Shadow are the most aware of me when I'm around.
Bud is really into the other dogs
while Bart is going through a mommy's boy stage.
They are all running, quite steady on their feet, and actually play fighting... I've even heard a couple of complaints from whatever puppy is "it" at the time.
(Please understand, this is what I'm seeing at 4-1/2 weeks and in a couple days, each pup will be doing something different.)
And I'm almost tempted to weigh them again because they feel like they've packed on at least a pound each since meeting puppy chow!
AND they're all getting hair. It's easier to see the fluffier coats on the partis but Shadow and Bud are puffing up as well.

(For anyone just dropping by the blog, these pups are Double Doodles. The next Whoodle litter won't be until Fall.)

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