Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrong Again

So far, this time around, I don't think I have been right even once on predicting an individual pup's size. Everyone is smaller than I thought it would be. And yet, the 2 pups I have at home (black and tan male from Em and Shadow and my Peri from Di and Brogue) are exactly where I thought they'd be at 6 months. Just had MY black and Jennifer's black to the vet for their first rabies shots... hers is 30 pounds and mine is 32. Peri's going in tomorrow.

Tucker Perry and dad

Now in Dallas GA, Tucker is from Cotton and Brogue and is a little over 25 pounds.

This photo says it all

Cameer Chellis (her name is a slurred come here) is living in New Jersey. She's an Emy/Shadow daughter.

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