Thursday, April 7, 2011


I want to make something perfectly clear... I do NOT have a problem with the makers of Frontline OR the product. I've used it for years, mostly with good results. There isn't anything in the world that is going to work 100% of the time for 100% of the animals... or people... it is designed for (or against.) MY problem is I live IN the woods with a high tick count. Generally our winters in this area are not severe enough to do more than minimize their population. There are trees within 5-6 feet of the house on 3 sides... or at least there WERE. I had some taken down last week (not because of ticks, although I hope it helps, but because I don't want to wake up some morning with uncut firewood in the living room. I hear that can be dangerous.) As far as the number of ticks on Cotton, it is entirely possible that she didn't get the right dose of Frontline last month or she could have been missed altogether. None of the other dogs has a lot of ticks on them, most had none... they got treated anyway. The reason I'm back on this subject is the number of emails and phone calls I got yesterday from "concerned individuals" wanting to know if I wanted to join in a protest against Merial. The answer is a loud "NO." And I think people would be better off dealing with the company (ANY company) on a one-to-one basis rather than trying to stir up trouble. It's like the woman suing McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee in her own lap. Duh.

Cotton Update

She had a fairly positive day the rest of yesterday... temp was up and down, she drank a normal amount of water and peed a normal amount. I did not see her eat anything and she hasn't pooped. At midnight, her temp was back up close to 104 and she was very wobbly on her feet. I noticed she was limping in the front. This morning, as instructed, I took her temp... 102.4... and then called the vet to tell him I was bringing her in because she would stand for just a few seconds before plunking herself down and she was holding up her right rear leg. She WAS alert, just unenthusiastic and weak.

Bill was in surgery but had briefed Jane... AND she had the file... so I saw her within minutes of getting to the clinic. Temp was down to 102. Did another CBC with slightly mixed results... one thing up (good) while one thing was down but still low normal, nothing else changed. Long discussion to make sure we were all on the same page. Did an in house test for heartworm because it also covers a tick disease that is the most prevalent in the area... negative on both counts. Cotton is back home, now in a pen, by herself, in the computer room just so no one... like the energetic why don't you want to play with me Wombat... steps on or bothers her. Put some canned chicken in her food bowl which she sniffed and half heartedly licked while lying down. She's now asleep.

Outlook... we don't know what the problem is. It could still be the ticks. It is most likely NOT pyrometria. But something is really not right. We're going to continue the Clavamox and monitoring her temp and condition. She's going back to the vet in the AM for another CBC unless she does a real turn around today. They're open till 7 tonight, so if things go bad, I can get her in right away. (Too bad about me wanting to see the new Jake Gyllenhaal flick this afternoon.)

One other thing, if all goes well (ie: improves) we're going to do an ultrasound next week. TOMORROW I'm taking Keogh, the Goldendoodle, in for an ultrasound to see if SHE is pregnant. The procedure is not one they do on a normal basis, so we'll all get some practice! I like to keep things interesting for them and think I should get a huge discount for giving them the opportunity to learn something new. (That's a joke, so don't anyone email me about joining any protests or lawsuits.)

Since I have healthy dogs 99% of the time, I tend to obsess when one is under the weather. Generally, I spot things very early and, being a glass half empty type, have figured out a dozen really dire things it could be by the time I get to the vet. Having to pull myself together and act like a normal person when I'm out in public really tires me out and causes me a lot of frustration... which I relieve by posting on the blog and upsetting everyone else! I do appreciate all your words of sympathy and encouragement, thank you very much.

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