Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Day!

First, another two hours at the vet this morning with Cotton BUT she is much improved from yesterday. She is able to stand and is even walking, very staggery at first but steadier as the day wore on. Still hasn't eaten and is drinking minimally. Temp is fluctuating between 102 and 103.5. Blood count is good except for platelets which are low... not dangerous as yet, but dropping by about 50,000 each day. This sample is also going to the veterinary lab for hand counting. Her attitude is much better... alert and even mildly interested in what is going on around her. However, she is still clearly not a healthy dog and this could be the calm before the storm... it IS coming up on the weekend. The vet is open half a day tomorrow, so if she's not doing okay in the morning, she can go back. There is a good emergency clinic in the area... a private practice that specializes in emergency treatment (open daily after regular veterinary hours, weekends and holidays.) The problem is, if I need to use it, they won't have access to any of the testing that's already been done. Jane is still thinking this could be tick related but MY feeling is it has to do with the pregnancy. Either way is not good. Fingers crossed, please!

On the other hand...
Keogh IS pregnant! The ultrasound showed puppies. Buddy (one of the other vets with Jane and Bill) said he doesn't try to count them but there were good beating hearts and one pup waved at him. Buddy did NOT tell me what sex it was or the color. I've tried for the last four years to get Ke bred, seriously (as in putting lots of money into it) for the last two and she's been on thyroid for just over a year. Ost is the daddy-to-be so I'm expecting there will be parti-colors (spotted.) Yea!

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