Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just the Usual

Yesterday's pup is now living in New Jersey and so is this one.

Above, the family at the airport
Below, Emy and Shadow's daughter relaxing with Donna's daughter

There are pups from every litter living in New Jersey. They could start a revolution and take over the Garden State Parkway!

Finishing up the rabies shots

Going to take the two black and tan pups in for their rabies shots today. Neither of them likes walking on a lead, so this could be fun. Peri will go before the end of the week... she's never been on a lead but she's small enough I can just pick her up.

Double Doodles
A friend sent me this picture of one of my Double Doodle grandbabies.

I think she's beautiful! The whole litter was this color. Keogh and Ost will be having parti-colors (spotted) and blacks (that will probably turn silver like their mom.

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