Monday, April 11, 2011


Today's the 11th? What happened to the 10th?

Okay, Cotton is feeling MUCH better. She spent some time outside, lying in the sun yesterday afternoon (between the showers) and today. And this morning she actually ate a few bites of canned chicken, which must of teased her appetite a little, because later she ate some "dry" dogfood which had been soaking in the chicken broth. She is definitely NOT going to have puppies. Which is really sad because that means there won't ever be any more Brogue puppies. I guess tomorrow I should change things on the website.

And Crockett the Chinese dog has had no more seizures since 8 AM yesterday morning... although he's about to give me one! He's had 3 doses of phenobarbital and I'm not sure what it's supposed to do to dogs, but he has become so clingy he's driving me nuts! And whiny... if he's up on the bed or in the chair (sitting/lying ON me) he'll whine under his breath like he wants down. As soon as put him on the floor, he wants back up. Here's the thing... both vets (the ER one and Jane)m said it takes several days for the phenoetc to build up in his system and prevent more seizures but he hasn't had any and he's still on it. So my question is how do we ever find out if it was a passing thing if we don't ever take him off it and see what happens?

Think I'll try going to bed early... like right now... and see if things are better in the AM.

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