Sunday, April 10, 2011

Once Again

In the "It Never Rains But It Pours" Department:
Had to make a trip to the emergency vet this morning (my dogs are getting too used to having to run outside and do their business in 10 minutes or less so I can make a trip to the animal doctor every morning.) This is an unrelated issue to my under the weather Cotton (who IS feeling better.) Haven't had to use the emergency clinic for several years and have head rumors that their prices had increased... dramatically. I'll say! The office visit was FOUR times what Jane charges... okay, I can live with that although it's double what it used be. BUT the CBC... the exact same one we've been running every day on Cotton, down to the exact same print out... was almost SEVEN times as much. Which I consider excessive. I spent as much on this one visit today as I did on ALL Cotton's visits, testing, medication, etc last week. And have no answer, no remedy for the immediate problem AND have to be at Jane's first thing Monday morning anyway. To be honest, the outcome is EXACTLY what I expected... even the cost... but I'm not a vet and needed reassurance. Which I sort of got.

On the up side, my son is thinking about buying a 3 years old Bulldog gal for breeding and I warned him about the cost of c-sections, especially an emergency clinic. (I do not believe in scheduled c-sections.) Got a quote, in writing, to give him. $1500. Hope it persuades him the dog will make a terrific PET.

Whoodle puppies WILL be available this Summer

My friend, Penny, called last night and she is expecting a litter of Whoodles in 3-4 weeks. This will be the first litter for her two new breeding dogs... Cisco, a standard Poodle who is related to much of my stuff, and Maggie, a Wheaten Terrier she got from a local breeder I know and recommend. Penny's had a couple previous Whoodle litters, with great success... after all, the Poodle guy she was using was also related to mine AND her Whoodle mom came from me... but those dogs have been retired. Cisco is apricot and Maggie is, of course, wheaten, so the pups will be all light colored. Since I am NOT going to have Whoodle babies, I may just feature Penny's on Mountain Summit. I always do her shipping for her as she's in VA, several hours from any airport. So, inquiries are welcome!

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