Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to Normal

Wow, I just realized it's been almost a week since the last time I posted. I've sort of been hibernating, now that all the excitement is over. Everyone is doing well. Cotton is fine, finishing up her meds in another couple days... then the long wait to see if she can get pregnant again. (Uterine infections can cause scarring which prevents embryos from implanting.) Crockett is taking his phenobarbital twice a day like a trooper. And Keogh is getting a belly!

Puppy pix

These boys are one of Emy's and one of Jennifer's. People don't believe me when I say they are like identical twins. Mine is on the left. His face is slightly more silver; in the house, because the lighting is different, I have to use the scanner to tell them apart. Jennifer's pup is the last of hers I have to place.
And MY guy is available. He was sold early on to a family in California. They kept putting off the delivery date and have finally told me they can't take him. He's from Em and Shadow.

And these are the 4 pups still at the house.

Jennifer's puppies are on either end. In the middle are Peri, the little female I'm keeping from Di and Brogue, and Emy's black/tan guy. The light colored guy on the left is moving to Virginia at the end of the month.
NOT in the photo is Boon, my Wheaten puppy. He was glued to my side and refused to go out into the yard so I could get any pictures of him. Don't know what it is about him and cameras. I have very few photos of him and he's going to be all grown up soon.

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