Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

This IS still April, right? So why is it so hot? Like mid 80s. Our normal high this time of year is high 60s... a warm day is 72-73. Obviously, I'm not a fan of summer or heat. I moved to this area to get away from all that. This is the 3rd year in a row that summer has started months earlier than usual... which would maybe influence my "what global warming" argument EXCEPT each of the last 3 winters has gotten colder and more snowy/sleety as well. My REAL problem with hot weather is the dogs... they want to go out EARLY in the morning, sleep all day and then go back out after dark. Which would be fine, except they want to romp and play... and make noise (LOUD noise)... at those times. Before the guy who owns all the land around me started selling bits and pieces of it, that was fine. But now there are neighbors within barking distance... and they probably moved out here to the middle of nowhere for the peace and quiet. And it's a long time until the cooler weather moves back in.

More Photos

In Maryland, these young ladies are ready for bed. Luna is from Emy and Shadow and weighs in around 20 pounds.

And in New Orleans, the beautiful Di/Brogue daughter, Maggie, is staying small (maybe 20 pounds) and keeping her red sabling.

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