Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back from the Vet --- Again

Another day, another trip to the vet. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the way they work me in. I know it is on Jane's instructions but the office staff never acts put out when I show up and disrupt their schedule. Cotton's temp is a normal 101 AND today's CBC show everything within normal range except for platelets which ARE rising. Her lameness is gone and she is able to walk normally and to climb in/jump out of the car without ending up on her nose. How that is possible since she has NOT eaten anything for days and is taking in only a few laps of water a day. Going to force feed her in a few minutes... got to get that appetite working again.
Now, the bad news is we all think there are going to be NO pups next month. Stranger things have happened, but all the signs are there for a slipped pregnancy and/or a uterine infection. So, even though things generally are looking much better, she's getting a second antibiotic along with the first, this one unfriendly to fetuses and young animals.
I planned on breeding Di and Emy in the Fall, so this means Cotton won't be bred again until Spring 2012.

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