Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Weekend... Yuck!

We are expecting another storm this weekend, beginning with sleet and ice and then 9-12 inches of snow. We've already had more snow this winter than we've had total since I've been here (10 years.) My trees are in really bad shape and I'm losing several with every strong wind that blows, thank goodness, so far they've been well away from the house. But I have several huge dead or dying trees right up close, along with a number of really tall trees all around. No telling what is going to happen in the next couple days. I've laid in a supply of dogfood and people food that doesn't have to be cooked (really rough prospect for the carnivore I am!) and have a plan for getting everyone into two rooms (for heat preservation) if we lose power. Can hardly wait to get my water bill since I've had to leave the faucets dripping, at least at night, since before Christmas and we had almost 3 weeks where the temp was below freezing even in the daytime. It's a good thing I really like winter!

Bingo, Montana...
Claudia reports that Bingo is also fetching a ball and has settled in nicely. He's still a little fearful, especially with strangers, but that is to be expected, and he is devoted to her.
Marna has Montana sleeping through the night IN the crate, something Dakota never mastered. AND she is using the pee pee pads... since they live on the 9th floor, that's a very good thing!

So where is everyone else's report?

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