Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy Week Coming Up

The pups start going home next week. I'm not really all that ready to let them go and am glad a couple of them will be sticking around for another week or two! These guys have been easy to live with. They are so smart about so many things (and not so bright about a few others, but...!) For instance, if I feel like taking a nap in the early afternoon or late evening (or both) when it is still light out, all I have to do is turn off the light in the bedroom (where the pups still live) AND turn off the tv and they immediately form a pile and go to sleep as well. It doesn't work if the tv is still on... even late at night... or if I leave the light on. I realise the pups are just following the example of the adult dogs, most of whom sleep 20 hours a day anyway, but it's like having a magic wand or that clapping switch. And, by the way, clapping is the best way to get their attention. All of them seem to dislike the sound and will look up immediately.

Next week, starting Tuesday, I have appointments scheduled for every day... the groomer, the vet, meeting people, etc. I'm not looking forward to all that ESPECIALLY as the weather is supposed to warm up out of the 20s and be nice enough for the big guys to spend some time outdoors. It has been a LONG almost 4 weeks since they've been able to do that. I'm sure they're as tired of me as I am of them!

Ost will probably make it here next week... just in time to watch everyone, or most everyone, else leave. To refresh your memory, Ost is On Second Thought, the F1B Labradoodle puppy I bought as a mate for Keogh. His first arrival date was scheduled for December 18th... the "bad" weather started the 17th. Now watch there be an airline strike...!

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