Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes, yes, I know. I promised pictures of Ost. However, I just haven't had the time, what with the pups going home and all the running around THAT entails. At least, they're not all headed out within a week's time like the last litter! Now THAT was work! Louie and Julie's boy is going Friday and Marna's girl is leaving on Sunday, THEN there is a pause so if the weather doesn't turn terrible, I'll get some pictures then.
Ost has done very well adjusting and fits right in with the Whoodles. He's even playing like a good big (much bigger) brother to the Poodles with only a little encouragement from me. I'm still very pleased with him!

Thanks but...
I get a lot of invitations to "friend" people or to join them on other websites and I just can't do that, even though I'm not sure what all it entails. My time on the computer is spent answering email... even the hate mail if it has a legit address... and working on the websites I maintain for myself and other people. The rest of the time, is dog dog dog. Actually, that's backwards... my time is dog dog dog and anything left over is the other stuff. Since my dogs are in the house, rather than kenneled, it's more work just dealing with ins and outs. A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a t-shirt that said
Today's agenda...
let dog out
let dog in
let dog out
let dog in
let dog....

The same friend once came to visit and babysit the dogs while I made a quick trip to Ohio to visit my elderly mom. The first morning after I was gone, I got a phone call from her and she asked if I was having a good time. When I replied in the affirmative, she said "Well, enjoy it because it's the LAST time you get to go!" Turns out she wasn't kidding... I haven't been away since!

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