Friday, January 15, 2010

Going Home

The black and tan boy left this morning, moving to SC. His possible name is Bingo and he weighs 10.14 pounds. He's been good riding around in the car the last couple days (to the groomer and vet) but is a little whiny when unsure of himself (away from the pack.) They really learn fast... this morning when I leaned over the pen to pick him up, he refused to get close enough for me to get my hands on him. Always before, he's been a "take me, take me" kind of guy. I really feel sorry for the pups when they go... finding out the world isn't what you thought it was is a rude awakening!

For the rest of the year, I am going to donate 10% of each pup's price to the effort to help Haitians. Right now, the Red Cross will be getting the money, but that may change down the road. After Katrina, I donated to one of the animal rescue groups and have no problem doing that again... it's just I don't know any working in that area at this time and really, the people need so much....

Toy Poodle pups
On my rescue page, a litter of toy Poodles, about 10 weeks old... purebred, no papers; going to be around 7-10 pounds full grown; VERY heavy coated. These are exceptionally sweet but VERY (VERY) active puppies and because of their size, are unsuitable for small children. The pups are fearless... they are rooming with the Whoodles who are double to triple their size. Shots, wormings, house training, etc. started.

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