Sunday, January 10, 2010


For the first time this litter, one of the pups has figured out how to get out of the pen. The bottom latch on the gate is loose and can be jarred undone by the pups bouncing against the sides. No one has paid any attention to it. Or so I thought. This afternoon, while I'm in the tv room, trying to work on a friend's website, I look down the hall and there is a puppy running around. Just one. It had managed to squeeze itself out the bottom portion of the gate which must have taken both time and a lot of effort. The interesting thing is, even though it MUST have thought it was stuck more than once, it never went into panic mode. How do I know this? Because it never started the very recognizable scream pups do when they're afraid. I went in, after allowing a few minutes of solo freedom... a rare thing for a pup still with its litter... and put her back in the pen. (That's right, Marna, Montana is the smarty pants... here you go again!) Then I relatched the gate and put a clip on it so it can't be opened.

Chauncey's Labradoodle Pups
Russell has let me know he still has a male and a female Labradoodle pup available from Shadow and Chauncey's litter. Both are black and VERY sweet. Also, at 14 weeks, they are well started on house training. I visited them a few weeks ago and Russ and Peggy have done a TREMENDOUS job of raising these pups. The price is very reasonable to a good home, so if you know of anyone looking for a Doodle, send them to me for the Lawrence's contact information.

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