Monday, January 25, 2010

The Big Apple Puppy

Montana has gone to live with (and take over the lives of) Marna and Marc. She weighed in at 11.4 pounds, still in the middle of the pack. The early morning report was puppy got to sleep in the bed with people (but I was assured that would never happen again. Yeah, right.) Now let me tell you exactly how smart this girl is...
while Marna and I were on the phone, Montana went and got one of big sister Dakota's toys, a ball, out of the toybox and brought it to Marna. Marna promptly rolled it across the room and the pup went right after it. And brought it back. Marna rolled it away again. The pup returned it again. And so on. After a while, Marna says to me that Montana is really smart because she's learned how to fetch in just a few minutes on her very first day in her new home. Unfortunately, I had to break it to Marna that Montana is very smart because she's already taught Marna to play fetch on her very first day in her new home.

Folks, if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times...
the trick is to be smarter than the dog!

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