Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gone to Disneyworld

Louie and Julie's guy joined them on Friday the 21st and is now living near Orlando. This boy had not told them his name the last time I heard from them and was busy trying to figure out how all the changes in his life could be put to good use. He weighed in at 13.8 pounds.

Another pup... my only girl... is on her way to New York City.

Two others are still unspoken for BUT have stirred some interest in several potential families.

Rachel Alexandra
In case you haven't heard, this spectacular Thoroughbred filly has been named Horse of the Year for 2009, beating out the 6 year old mare, Zenyata. This is the first time the final competition for HOY was two females and both were deserving of the honor. Horse racing powers-that-be are working to have the two girls face off... more than once... this year. Zenyata's retirement has been put off just so this can happen. Z's people also own Curlin and plan to breed her to him. If she were mine, I'd be going to Rachel's dad instead!

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