Monday, February 1, 2010


So we made it through the weekend. Power and phone stayed on although the phone lines seemed to be taking a break from time to time. Got lots and lots of "fresh powder" and the dogs absolutely love it. Today, I found both Brogue and Shadow asleep in the sun IN the snow. It was easy for me to spot Shadow, but Brogue blended in. The younger dogs, especially the bigger ones, have spent most of their outside time running and jumping. The smaller ones tend to do their business and then come back to the door. The pups, of course, have not been out in it... someone else can take them out on an individual basis and towel dry them when they come back in! We're expecting MORE tonight and tomorrow and again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope I'm able to get off the property by Wednesday. So far, even though about 3/4 of it is gone off the car, the driveway still looks very deep.

Another one accounted for

This is Otis who is now living if Florida and, obviously, totally entranced by his new ball. I love this picture (AND the others Louie and Julie sent.) But this one is special because it shows such intensity. It looks like Otis is practicing some type of telekinesis! "Come to the Dark Side...."

Last pup spoken for... sort of
#7 is moving to North Carolina as soon as weather permits, hopefully this week, but maybe not.
And #6 is going to Colorado, probably the following weekend.
Which leaves #3. I'm hoping to hear from his almost family ASAP so he can join them or another family pretty soon.
These kids are growing fast... you would not believe! Their colors are changing rapidly as well, especially #3. It is time to get them completely off the puppy food to slow some of the growth down or they're all going to be 40 pounders!

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