Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lots of Good News

First item: ALL of Di and Brogue's pups will be in their homes by this evening. Just in time to miss the next round of snow and ice, due here tomorrow and Thursday! January and February's weather about did me in. The girls at the airport were talking about how big these last two guys had gotten in the month since they started leaving me. Yesterday's puppy was 20 pounds and today's, 17.

Second: Delta is going to be back to their normal (as in non-NW Air) rules within a couple weeks. This means the pricing tiers for shipping pets and the minimum lay-over times will be gone. There will still be a minimum amount of time necessary for connections but it will vary by airport according to the actual amount of time needed to move the pup from one plane to another and not by how much money you're willing to pay.

Finally: FINALLY! Emy is in season. Can Cotton be far behind? (Don't even attempt to answer that!)

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