Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the Home Stretch

The last pups are leaving in the next 2 days... weather and Delta permitting! I will be puppy-less... except for Ost who will be 4 months tomorrow and, of course, the 4 toy Poodle pups. Now that the Whoodles are all accounted for, I'll put my efforts into finding homes for the Poos. They're really cute... especially the chocolate boy (Peanut) who is the smallest... but they are active and NOISY. Anyone who has called me while the pups were awake can testify to that! It's amazing just how much noise even one of them can make! I'm going to try some local advertising to find them homes because they really would make wonderful companions and would benefit greatly from individual attention.

What's Next?
So far, nothing! Cotton has not been in season in almost a year... her litter was born in May and apparently she had to work so hard dealing with 11 pups at once she's decided to take her time about doing it again. Emy is due in also. As is the Goldendoodle, Keogh. They usually cycle fairly close, one behind the other, but they're already W A Y behind several of the other girls (Lotus, my Shar-Pei and Diamond) who were in last month. I'm blaming it, like everything else, on the weather!

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