Saturday, February 13, 2010

Enough Already!

My son just called to ask if I'd stocked up on dog food or if I needed him to go get it tomorrow because... we're getting more snow! Since the weather channel just had us down for snow showers over the next 4-5 days, I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the weather... I did check to see what temps were going to be like because there are two puppies I'd like to get shipped next week... IF Atlanta can get their stuff together! But I haven't looked at the local forecasts for several days. Guess that's what I get. We're going to be under a winter weather watch (or warning, can't remember which is which) from 4 PM Sunday until 4 PM Tuesday. WHICH means I won't be able to get off this hill to the vet, groomer, etc for another week so even if Atlanta gets up and running and almost back to normal, I still won't be able to ship. In case you're wondering why I care about Atlanta... everything from here (on Delta, my only option) goes to Atlanta and changes there for points beyond. I never worry about shipping in the winter because WE don't get "weather." HA! Hope I get these last two pups out of here before I have to start worrying about SUMMER weather!


Marna sent this photo of Ms Montana, totally at home in Manhattan. She (Marna) says the pup is adjusting fairly quickly to the big city terrors... like fire engines and garbage trucks. Can you imagine how frightening that must be for a country pup. The most noise she'd heard before moving to NY was the dogs barking at the deer.

Then There were Two
Hudson finally managed to go to his new home this weekend. When Liz picked him up she said he looked bigger... considering that it's been almost 4 weeks, he IS bigger! He weighed 14 pounds at the vet yesterday... yes, still a little guy when compared to everyone else.

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