Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving Right Along

Now that all the Diamond/Brogue pups have found a home, even if they haven't been able to get out of here yet, I'm looking forward to the next litter. Diamond is already in season again... about 2 weeks ahead of schedule (no, I'm not breeding her...) so I have high hopes that Cotton and Emy will be following suit VERY shortly. And then there is Keogh. She usually brings up the rear as she tends to have a longer cycle. IF everything goes as I plan (and we know how that has worked out in the past...) it will be Cotton first (she's not come back in since her May litter,) then Em, then Ke AND I'm going to try breeding all 3. They should be spaced out enough to keep it interesting, but not overwhelming. I can remember when having 3 litters at once was all in a day's work!

I will let you know when the girls come in and when each gets bred (positive thinking here) AND will open each reservation list about 5 weeks after the matings.

For Keogh's miniature/medium Goldendoodle pups, the reservation list is already open. There are a lot of Goldendoodles out there and even though 3 of her pups are already spoken for, I want to have as many promised as possible before they get here. Her first, and only litter, was 6 which was considerably fewer than I was expecting since she comes from a litter of 12 or 13. I'd really be happy with just another 6. Especially if they are as sweet as the first gang!

In the meantime, I'm working on a couple new articles for the website... one on in/line breeding and one on puppy personalities (while they're still with the litter) as well as some addition info on things like pricing and the initial adjustment period after you get your pup... basically responses to questions I get fairly often.

The website will be updated periodically... whenever anything happens.

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