Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is Max Patch who is an F1B DOODLE. He is from the first Labradoodle girl I ever bought (rather than breeding myself) and from my young (at the time) parti-colored Poodle.
And this is Max Patch as an adult, a number of years later.

Again, he's a DOOD. I have never seen a chocolate (brown) Whoodle.

What IS that noise
The pups were all happily taking a nap this morning... after a fairly lengthy and rigorous play session... when the guys started working on making the yard look less like scrub land in Utah. The initial lawnmower and weed eater sounds didn't bother them UNTIL they got close to the bedroom. ALL the pups sat or jumped up and stared at the windows. It was obvious they were scared BUT not one of them panicked. Most of them walked over to get close to Cotton who was in the back of the pen, totally undisturbed by the noise. A couple pups stayed where they were and waited to see what was going to happen next. After a minute or two... and with the noise moving AWAY from the house... all the pups lay back down. They woke up again when the noise came back but didn't bother to get up. And after that, it was sleep as usual. Another learning experience!

Things are pretty well firmed up today for me taking JB's pups in about 10 days. I am going to guarantee them myself (my warranty is longer than hers) and will handle them as I do my own pups... same screening process, etc. That way, people will just have to deal with me rather than some with JB, some with me and neither of us knowing exactly what is going on with each individual pup/family. I did a couple co-own/co-sell litters (of Doodles) several years back and found that two cooks do not the soup improve! Won't have any pictures until the pups get here, but they can be seen at

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