Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just One Pup Available

I am happy to report everyone in this litter is spoken for except one male. And there is the possibility one of the females may be available (I'll probably know for sure later this week.) I'm getting lots of inquiries via both email and phone, which is nice. Sometimes I wonder "is anyone out there" (like with the rescues!) but not with this litter. Also, my plans for the Fall F1 breeding of Brogue and Diamond AND my backcross breeding of Shadow and Emy has some interested followers. No, I'm not planning on starting a waiting list for either, but, as usual, will open a reservation list once a breeding is done and I'm sure there are pups on the way. That's worked out well for me since I started doing it a couple years ago, so I'm not going to fix what ain't broke!

For those of you waiting for Who-Doo info, I've got nothing. I did look at a Wheaten male who was 46 pounds, thinking he might be bigger (as in TALLER) than Brogue (who with his current full and heavy coat weighs in at 42 pounds.) But the other guy was just heftier, not taller. In fact, he could have been a tad shorter. IF Keogh (my Goldendoodle) comes into season AFTER Di and
Emy and one of them does NOT get bred, I may go with a surgical artificial insemination for her, but I don't want more than two litters at the same time. Gone are the days when lots and lots AND LOTS of puppies are still fun for me.

Nothing new and cute to report from Cotton's gang today. They ARE looking more and more like 6 week old pups... sort of like the difference between a 3 months old baby and a 6 months old baby... there is a certain amount of awareness now present. And they are gaining a sense of "self." All part of growing up!

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