Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Big Kids Now

Yep, they've discovered "real" food. It was like one minute Mom was the only game in town and the next, McDonalds had opened up. Late yesterday, first one pup was in the food bowl and an hour later a couple others were. Today, it's crowded around the bowl.
In a couple days, I'm going to have to get the puppy pan down and start using it. Of course, Cotton is still the main source of nourishment, but that's changing rapidly. Soon she'll still be suckled but it will be for comfort rather than sustenance. I doubt she'll mind.

It's interesting that the switch happened in one step... usually pups start playing with the kibble, scattering it all over the pen, sometimes sucking on it. These kids just started eating it. I have noticed an inclination on their part to chomp down on my fingers when I'm holding them. Guess they're all teething a little early and chewing feels good. So far, haven't felt any little pricklies in their mouths.

And they're all wrestling with each other, growling ferociously. But they sound like mini buzzsaws rather than wolves!

Several boys and one girl are unspoken for. I'd like to get everyone promised soon as a breeder friend is having some medical problems and has asked if I can possibly help her with her pups who are about the same age as Cotton's. I hate turning her down but can't think of any way to screen and sell for myself and someone else at the same time. (About half her litter is sold, so it would only be a couple.) If she can manage until the pups are weaned (so I don't have to bring their mama here,) it might be doable.

My back is trying to go out... I've been in bed most of the day hoping the muscles will loosen up. Soon as it feels better I'll get some more pictures.

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