Friday, June 26, 2009

The Pups are Off and RUNNING

And so am I.

Puppies first... they have developed the need for speed. While they're not up for chases and "zoomies" yet, they're sure enough on their feet to try a faster pace. They're even getting good at stopping BEFORE the wall hits them... sometimes, in a heap when they trip over their feet, but stopped. All of them are eating well and all are still totally devoted to mom. They've also figured out that if they swarm around her feet when they hear me open the pen for her to get out, some of them can escape at the same time. So many got out at once yesterday morning, I lost one during the roundup. He came out from under the bed... where he's still small enough to walk upright... a few minutes after everyone else was re-incarcerated. So HE got to spend some time ON the bed with me. What a sweetheart! Cuddling is something they must know genetically!

Now for human problems. Gonna get humid later today and over the weekend. I'm NOT looking forward to that. And last night... middle of the night OF COURSE... I had a water pipe burst. The news has been talking about how hard the hot temps have been on the roadways and I guess it's the same for plumbing. You expect it... dread it but admit the possibility... in the winter. But not the summer. So, the water is shut off until the plumber can get out here. He was supposed to call "first thing in the morning" but when I didn't hear from him by 10, I called him. His wife said he was on a call and would try to work me in. But since it's Friday and I have SOOOO much running around to do (pick up newspapers, buy dogfood, go to the post office and then to the bank, stop at the grocery store, you get the picture,) I really couldn't just sit here and wait. I asked to be first appointment on Monday. So now, I'm adding "stop at son's house for quick shower" to my list of things to do in town along with "pick up 2 dozen gallons of water at Walmart." At least I wasn't planning to fill the pool this weekend... no, I don't have a pool, but it sounds inviting when I think about temps in the low to mid 90s!

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