Friday, June 5, 2009

I Feel Guilty

I've got nothing new to report. I feel bad because I know a lot of people are tuning in here every day for updates on the pups. BUT they're just babies and not doing much of anything. They ARE all on their feet... sort of. They stand rather spraddle legged, bellies close to the ground. Until they try to move and then the bellies are back ON the ground. But they're getting the idea. Cotton is still taking complete care of them by herself. Her poor nipples are so red! Sometimes it seems to me that she's not spending enough time nursing them, but they're not yelling which they'd do if they were hungry. And if she's been napping outside the nest and goes back in, only the crew that hasn't eaten for a while wake up. The ones that nursed just before she left keep on sleeping. I do expect these guys will be in her food as soon as they discover the bowl... which should be in less than a week.

Belmont is tomorrow
It may not be a Triple Crown year, but I'm looking forward to the race. I'd love to see Mine That Bird make another of his now patented (!) take-no-prisoners run from the back of the herd to cross under the wire first. It is just amazing the way he just sweeps passed everyone. I'll bet the people who gelded him are kicking themselves now! For second place, I'd like to see Mr Cool Stuff... just because he is soooo different. And for third, why not Bird's brother Summer Bird? He didn't do so well in the Derby, but maybe the longer distance will suit him better. One thing that bothers me is the "tradition" of people not running their colts in the first 2 races and then entering them in the Belmont as spoilers. Some how it just doesn't seem fair.

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