Monday, June 29, 2009

Water at Last!

Let me tell you, it's true what they say about not missing something until you don't have it. Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to flush a toilet. And how often you have to do that every day? The dogs use a lot of water... especially as hot as it's been... and of course, it isn't raining much this week so I've had to water the tomatoes. Thank goodness I don't cook or even drink much water. But Walmarts revenues will be up this quarter and it will be because of the clear stuff in plastic jugs! It was sure nice to see the plumber's van pull into my driveway this morning. I was ready for him by 6:30 and getting nervous at 8 o'clock when he hadn't shown up yet. Yeah!

Pups eating mostly kibble
And Cotton isn't particularly pleased about it. She rushes back inside after she's been out in the yard a short time and wants in the pen right away. Of course, they all swarm her, but then a minute or so later, they're back to doing whatever they were when she interrupted. She goes and sits in the corner and I swear she pouts! She's still cleaning up after them, which is a big help for me. (I know, yuck. Lot's of nature is yuck!)

As of this minute, two boys are unspoken for BUT I had a ton of email and many phone calls over the weekend, so that probably won't last long.

Once everyone is promised, I'm going to help my friend with her puppies. We haven't figured out if I'm going to use HER email address and just answer inquiries from there, or if we'll change her website and ads to MY address or exactly how we're going to work it. The last time I did this, I think we used my address, but the memory, etc. Her pups just turned 4 weeks, so it will be another 2 weeks before they come to me. They're all blond too... well, several of them are reddish (like Wheaten pups at this age) but will lighten up. Will have to keep the litters separate unless I find it's easy to tell them apart (probably by size.) Oh boy! MORE puppies!

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