Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of the Nest

Ready or not, I've removed the nest from the puppy pen. Now everyone can walk around unobstructed. Cotton is not particularly happy since, before, she could get out of the nest and take a snooze away from MOST of the kids... there have been a couple who have been climbing/falling over the edge for the last few days and she's had to put up with them. But the funny thing is, MOST of the pups are staying in a group in the back of the pen, where the nest used to be, and only a couple are wandering around... just like before. That will change in the next day or so when the babies come to understand the dogs on the other side of "the fence" looking in at them can't get TO them... although the few times Mama has been outside and someone else has wandered into the pen for a sniff, the pups haven't been frightened. And one of the babies had his (her) nose in mom's food bowl this afternoon... just inhaled a little and then staggered away. That will be changing soon also. They'll stop staggering and will start eating kibble. They grow up so fast!

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