Thursday, July 30, 2009


In keeping with my policy of doing tests on my dogs for MY knowledge rather than because a bunch of novices and wishful thinkers believe testing makes a difference,
I've just x-rayed both Di and Brogue's hips. Mini Poodles are seldom done... most medium to toy size breeds are seldom done... but what the hey, her offspring and grand-offspring are being used to produce larger types of dogs, so it's nice to know they have a good foundation. Her hips are, in my vet's words, "classic." He said her x-rays were the kind that are copied for use in textbooks as examples of the way hips SHOULD look... and then he checked her age (5 years) and was astonished. HE expects an "excellent" from OFA. Since they were submitted at the end of the month, I think she'll get a "good." The results should be in in about 2 weeks. Now, Brogue's were just done today and this time I was the one who was astonished. They look great! And he is 7-1/2 years old! He has a congenitally defective left stifle which causes him to throw his leg out every time he takes a step. Putting his weight on that leg makes it bow out and forward (stifles don't bend forward.) It has never stopped him from doing ANYTHING he wanted to do, but I expected it would have a detrimental effect, as in abnormal wear and tear, on his left hip. Amazing how uniform the hips were and how good they looked, even given his medium weight (for a canine, not for his breed.) So, now I'm playing TWO waiting games.
And I've put off a third... going to do Emy as soon as I get done with all the trips with puppies (vet, groomer, meeting families or shipping.)
AND there's that 2 year old GORGEOUS Goldendoodle guy I have and am not using. I may do his hips as well, as an added enticement to breeders when I finally convince myself to let him go.

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