Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No News is Good News

Tomorrow the pups will be 7 weeks old. And today I took 5 of the males into town to meet a couple from Maryland who are getting one and were passing through this area on their vacation. This was the first time the pups have been outside... for all of you who are soon going to be trying to figure out how to get ONE puppy out every couple hours, you will soon understand that taking 11 out is no easy task (so I pretty much don't even try until they are big enough and tuned in to me enough to follow where I lead.)
Anyway, once the boys stop squinting in the light of day, they just lay where ever I put them in the puppy pen. (Check out the new pix on the website, if you haven't already... they were just like that!) They were very cuddly and I think gave the wrong impression about being superdooper laid back. When we got back home every one of them told their mom all about it... whining and crying to beat the band. Cotton spent about an hour cleaning the "human stranger" smells off each of them. But all is back to normal tonight. They ARE starting to pay me some mind, which I love!

Another couple taking a boy is getting married soon. The pup is their wedding present to each other. I took this photo for them so they can show it at their dinner and everyone will see what a great idea they've had. (And no, I'll never be able to tell which one was in the picture!)

This is a different boy that I took about a dozen shot of with these two being the best. I'm not big on props, but happened to remember the Valentine's heart after realizing these two pictures were just too bland for the wedding dinner presentation.
But, at least you can see his face, which you can't very well on most of the new photos on the website.

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