Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Super Breeder/Puppy Raiser Screwed Up!!!

Yep, I goofed. And about something so basic, I had to check twice to be sure I made the mistake. No, I got the sexes right, so no worries there. BUT several of the pups... 3, I think... have back dewclaws. If it was only 1, I'd be inclined to think one of the pups I took the dews off of had grown them back. (It happens sometimes.) But not all 3. I can't remember how many I took in to have the back dews removed, 2 or 3, but I obviously missed some. Too many puppies! (Might as well blame it on THEM!) Back dewclaws are no big deal, whether you keep them or remove them. Some breed standards... the Leonberger, for instance... call for them to be there and others... like the Shar-Pei... call for them to be removed. BACK dewclaws are usually attached ONLY by skin and tend to be a little floppy rather that attached tightly to the leg and thumb-like the way front dewclaws are. It's nothing to have back dews removed, even from older pups/adults... easily done when the pup is spayed/neutered... or they can be left alone. In a dog with hairy legs, they won't even be noticed.

Not feeling well

Which is my only excuse for not getting started on the pups' pictures. They are 9 weeks old today (Cotton's) and I had PLANNED on having a big spread on the website. However, I'm either getting a summer cold... or the flu... or the weather has my sinuses in a tizzy, but I've had an awful (non migraine) headache and an ache all over feeling since Monday evening. No energy. So I've done nothing more than take care of the basics and sleep. I WILL shape up as soon as I feel even a little bit better. I promise.

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