Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Got the "New" Puppies!

So they got here early this morning (JB and Aron were on their way to the VA Hospital in Johnson City and I'm sorta in that direction for them.) And After getting the pups settled, in a manner of speaking, I took some pictures. Don't know what it is with me and Whoodle pup pictures... these babies get to their homes and even the 3 year old kid can take a decent shot of the puppy. I pick up a camera and everyone heads for the hills! Anyway, here they are... the girls sitting up, the blond boy (who would fit into MY litter with no questions asked!) and the other 2 guys, lying down, of course.

They're all pretty quiet... spooked a little... except for the smaller girl. SHE's ready for anything... bring it on. Let me tell you, if she wasn't going to end up blond, I'd be adding HER to my pack!

Working on getting the additional shots on the website... having these guys means a major overhaul of my Whoodle page, so bear with me.

Not to be outdone
Cotton's kids are newsprint from head to toe. Can't keep them out of the water bowl. And obviously some like the FOOD bowl as well.

If I didn't know better, I'd think he was the one assigned to protect the provisions from the questionable neighbors who just moved into the next pen!

And keeping Cotton away from the pups is not going so well. The pups are fine. They don't seem to miss her at all. But SHE's driving me crazy. I put her in with her mom and grandparents at the other end of the house for about 2 hours... then she started whining, which after a half hour or so escalated to howling and barking. Sometimes I envy the breeders with normal dogs (those who want nothing to do with their babies once they get teeth!)

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