Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to Normal

Everyone seems to be healthy again. They certainly are noisy again! Especially early in the morning... and not just Cotton's brood. The VA Woofs pups have gotten into the same schedule/pattern as their cousins and EVERYONE is up and at'em around 5 AM. Which, since I usually don't get to sleep until 2 or 3, is pretty early. So, yesterday and today too, I'm not planning on doing much but changing newspaper (the never ending chore!) and letting dogs in and out of the house. (Not puppies, dogs.)

The chips are here, but I haven't had the energy to do anything but look at them. I DID check out the reader to make sure it worked and it does AND I looked at the pamplet that came with the chips. It has an application form to register the pup/chip with AVID's recovery program and it is just a one time only fee of $18.50 which seems reasonable. That form will be with the envelope of info you get with the puppy. I'll get started on sticking the chips in everybody tomorrow... maybe... and we'll go from there.

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