Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Such a Good Night

First off, let me say everything is okay now. BUT! Last night all the pups... Cotton's AND Kate's (and 2 rescues...) were treated with Advantage (topical flea protection) and wormed with Safeguard (same as everyone's old time favorite Panacur which isn't available any more.) The pups have all had Safeguard before... it's a 3 day treatment and the pups hate it, so I only use it a couple times while they're here; I use pyrantel pamoate (most common commercial name: Nemex) the rest of the time since pups never object to its taste and it's a one dose treatment. The problem with "pp" is it only treats for roundworms while Safeguard gets a multitude of worms. And when it comes to flea protection, I use both Frontline and Advantage all year long on EVERYBODY even when my females are pregnant or nursing. (I do not normally use them at the same time, but have on occasion, when ticks season carries over into flea season, applied each 2 weeks apart.) ANYway, all their lives the pups have been with their moms who are "wearing" Advantage. To make this long story short, about an hour after giving both treatments to everyone, I noticed one of Cotton's pups having trouble breathing. He threw up a couple times and when nothing seemed to improve, we trotted off to the vet. Of course, once we got there and signed in, the puppy started feeling better. BEFORE he got to see the doctor. The gentleman DID examine him and said he thought he'd be fine... which he is... but it cost me (money plus a couple really late night hours!) He's acting normally this morning. In fact, as usual, don't ask me which one he is. So tonight, when everyone gets the second Safeguard dose, I get to sit and wait for trouble because we don't know if his reaction was to the wormer or the flea treatment or the combination. Or to something he picked up off the floor under the bed! Never a dull moment!

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