Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seed Ticks

MAYBE the mystery is solved. Seed ticks... which are very VERY tiny baby ticks... are making an unusual late Summer appearance. The two girls who just moved to Connecticut are proof of that. Over the weekend their new mom found them scratching like crazy and when she started exploring their coats she found a whole lot of little dots on their skin, a few were small freckle size, but most barely visible. Usually, seed ticks come out/hatch/whatever in the Spring after a week or so of unseasonably warm weather. I didn't see any this year, but the last week or two, I've scratched several a day off my skin. Since I wasn't seeing them on the dogs and no one was particularly itchy, I did not apply Frontline. BIG mistake. The last three pups to leave here all had some on them. Clooney, who roomed with those puppies, has a couple on her. Peri, who is clipped very short and also was in with the puppies, has none. Frontline WILL kill the baby ticks the same as it does older ones, so EVERYBODY in the house has been treated with it. Everybody except me. All I can do is continue to scratch them off.

So the cheyletiella is probably not the problem. However, I am sending ivomectin to everyone who asked for some. It won't hurt to use it.

And if you still have any concerns, you can pick up some flea/tick shampoo with PYRETHRIN which is what we used to use to "control"  those critters before Advantage and Frontline came along. The good thing about pyrethin is it gets other little unwanted bugs as well. Since pyetc is no longer the treatment of choice and the once a month topicals do not kill anything but fleas and ticks, other pests are making a comeback.

Reservation list
The September litter reservation list is full. If you missed out, do not despair. There will be unreserved pups available. Of course, having just stated that as a fact... like I had control of the numbers situation... there will only be 4 pups!

This litter is a repeat of the one that gave me Cotton. Don't know if I mentioned that before.

Bernie in NY

Penny and Coco in NC

 Cash and friend in CA

Esther in NY

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