Sunday, September 30, 2012


The biggest problem with pictures from the blog point of view is I've tried all day to post them... using two different browsers... and what you see is what I've managed to upload. Tomorrow, I will put them on the website.

The smaller problem is when I went in to take the pictures in the first place, I grabbed the wrong camera. Instead of the nice new one Marcy sent me (thanks again!) I got the old one that makes everything fuzzy. So, you're saying, why not just get the new one and go back and take more pictures? Well, I'm answering, Emy was upset enough that I took all her babies away to get the first batch, even though they weren't gone that long.  It's took her 36 hours to get them to shut up and she wasn't pleased that I disturbed them. She'll be over it in a day or two.

Business cards
are FINALLY in the mail to those who asked for them. There are reasons I always put off Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning until next year, year after year... not being able to find anything afterwards is the main one.

And last
I am in need of some creative mortgage financing ideas. The particulars are small loan, repossessed property  now owned by Freddie Mac, NOT going to be primary residence OR rental property.

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