Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pix 2 & Anniversary

Let's start with anniversary...
it was one year ago tonight that I got Peri back. I have a vivid memory of getting the phone call telling me she was coming into the Mills house but dashing back out before the door could be closed and how long the 5 minute drive from my house to theirs seemed. I was discouraged when I got to the porch and the screen door was shut tight. But when I went in, almost immediately there she was, all the way across the room and down the hall, peaking out at me from the bedroom. As poor as my eyesight is, I saw the exact second she recognized me and her mama... she turned into another dog as if by magic and came running down the hall, practically jumping into my arms. It will always be one of the best moments of my life.

And, of course, it is the one year anniversary of NOT getting Cotton back.

Having the two girls missing will always be an experience I NEVER want to go through again, but I will ALWAYS be grateful and humbled by all the kindnesses shown me by complete strangers.

Now the fuzzy pictures 
for some reason, I cannot post photos directly to the blog (again,) so I am linking them from the website file. It worked in practice.

Here are the pups in birth order

female - male - male - female - male - male - female

And the 3 girls

And the 4 boys

For me, it is interesting that the birth order was the two parti, the two black, the three blond.
The blond boys, born 5 and 6, were so close together I don't know which was 5 and which 6. The blond girl was 7th.

All are going well. And there is already one I can identify by her cry... the parti girl is NOT a patient puppy and she is very vocal when she is unhappy... which is any time she's awake and there is no nipple in her mouth!

Em is eating her regular food and going outside voluntarily (and VERY quickly.) She's already jumped all over poor little Crockett because he beat her back to the bedroom and dared to approached the puppy pen. He survived without a scratch, except to his ego.

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