Thursday, September 27, 2012


They're here! Seven stunning and amazing BIG pups. (Comparatively speaking.) The first one, a parti girl, arrived 10 PM and five others in quick time... a couple hours. Number seven, a solid blond girl, showed up around 3:30. There is one other girl, a black with tan already on her feet, and four boys: a mostly black parti, a solid black and two solid blond. All the light colored pups are really light. 

Em had the first one in the dog room, but really wanted to come into the bedroom, so I moved her. She's done well and they've been fairly quiet... tonight I'll put  hot water bottles in with them. Warm puppies are quiet puppies and I want to get some sleep! And I'm going to get off this computer and make Emy go outside for a few minutes. 

Will get a picture or two tomorrow morning when she goes outside again.

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